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“Security in Context”

There’s a lot of fear swirling through the IT Security world. You’re warned to prepare for the worst – Stuxnet, Night Dragon, Aurora, APTs, botnets, etc. You try to make sense of media alarmism like “coordinated attack on the US,” “state-sponsored e-terrorism,” and “cyber Armageddon!” 

Hold on. Let’s bring this conversation down to Earth. Cyber threats are very real and very serious, but not all of them should incite the same urgency to every business, every time. 

eEye is on a mission to keep “security in context.” We refuse to participate in the “hyping” of threats and attacks to scare you into considering our solutions. And, we won’t lump our customers into one category and sell software like fastfood. Rather, we are committed to providing straightforward solutions and free educational resources that support your unique IT Security needs and goals – in context. 

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